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Guangdong Meizhou Jinzheng Paper Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in design, printing, production, packaging and sales.

The company has developed steadily in the past 30 years

It has more than 5000 square meters of factory buildings and more than 80 employees.

German fully automatic production line equipment, Heidelberg split four color machine, double color machine and other mechanical equipment are introduced.

It has a complete set of automatic packaging equipment.

With all kinds of professional and technical personnel, we can truly provide customers with one-stop service from design, production, printing, packaging to sales.

Printing color advertisements, books, newspapers and textbooks.

Student homework, paper, letter paper, notebook and other cultural supplies.

Professional production calendar, desk calendar, Li Shi Feng, moon cake box, tea, wine packaging box.

Wholesale copy paper, computer paper, fax paper and other series of office paper....View More>>

  • What should be paid attention to before folding printing? Add Time:2020.09.12 Hit:9024

    1、 Reserved bleeding Picture album, single page, fold and other printed products need to add 3mm bleeding at the top, bottom, left and right of the picture. Generally, the design of business card needs to add 1mm bleeding at the top, bottom, left and right respectively to prevent cutting off the content of business card in the process of cutting.

  • Common software and typesetting method of album printing Add Time:2020.09.12 Hit:8337

    When you do the print design of the album, you should determine the size of the album, the printing materials, the binding method, the printing quantity and the post printing process, so that the printing company can give you a reasonable price. However, besides the printing quantity, there are many other choices. Here is a brief introduction for you.

  • Digitalization and Networking: a good medicine to save traditional printing Add Time:2020.09.12 Hit:8582

    In the environment of digitalization and networking in all walks of life, as well as the impact of the rapid rise of smart phones and e-books, how should traditional printing transform to meet the needs of people in the new era? Only the Internet information technology is widely used in the development of printing industry.

  • How did Bi Sheng, an innovator of printing, discover movable type printing Add Time:2020.09.12 Hit:8922

    Movable type printing, one of the four great inventions in China, was invented all his life. What is movable type printing? It is to carve characters on a piece of clay, and only one character is engraved on each piece of clay. After being hardened with fire, it becomes movable type, which can be reused and is very convenient.

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