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Address: No. 196, meizheng Road, Meizhou City (behind the office building of Mining Bureau)

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Guangdong Meizhou Jinzheng Paper Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in design, printing, production, packaging and sales.

The company has developed steadily in the past 30 years

It has more than 5000 square meters of factory buildings and more than 80 employees.

German fully automatic production line equipment, Heidelberg split four color machine, double color machine and other mechanical equipment are introduced.

It has a complete set of automatic packaging equipment.

With all kinds of professional and technical personnel, we can truly provide customers with one-stop service from design, production, printing, packaging to sales.

Printing color advertisements, books, newspapers and textbooks.

Student homework, paper, letter paper, notebook and other cultural supplies.

Professional production calendar, desk calendar, Li Shi Feng, moon cake box, tea, wine packaging box.

Wholesale copy paper, computer paper, fax paper and other series of office paper

It is widely used in office, culture and education, packaging products purchasers, enterprise gift customization, e-commerce customers, stationery stores, jewelry stores and other physical store customers. Products can be customized, suitable for advertising, promotion, conference, local promotion and other activities.

The products have passed the environmental protection certification, as well as national and international certification. From design proofing - production - quality control - product packaging - delivery time control - product shipping - after-sales tracking one-stop service.


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