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What should be paid attention to before folding printing?
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1、Reserved bleeding

Picture album, single page, fold and other printed products need to add 3mm bleeding at the top, bottom, left and right of the picture. Generally, the design of business card needs to add 1mm bleeding at the top, bottom, left and right respectively to prevent cutting off the content of business card in the process of cutting.

2、QR code size

The size of the two-dimensional code should be ≥ 2 * 2cm and the resolution should be ≥ 300 pixels to ensure that the finished product is clear and can be used for scanning. If the image size is too small, the content is dense or the resolution is insufficient, it may lead to the failure of normal scanning.

3、Image resolution

Generally, 300 dpi image resolution is used in printing to ensure that the finished product is clear. Pixels are color blocks. There are 300 * 300 pixels in a square inch square, or 300dpi.

4、File format

Qualified design software generally includes CorelDRAW, PS, AI and other software. Please save CorelDRAW in CDR format 8.0 or 14.0, PS design in jpg. Format, AI design in AI or EPS format, in version 10. Color use the correct c.m.y.k printing color mode. Do not use RGB or other color disks to mark colors. When designing black text, please use monochromatic black (C: 0; m: 0; Y: 0; K: 100), otherwise it is easy to duplicate. The line setting is not less than 0.1 mm, otherwise the printing will not be displayed.

5、 Text content turns to music

All the text content in the three fold file should be turned to prevent the font missing when it is opened again. Turning curve is to convert the text into curve line segment, so that the document sent to others will not replace other fonts because the other party's text font is not available, thus affecting the design effect.

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