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Common software and typesetting method of album printing
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When you do the print design of the album, you should determine the size of the album, the printing materials, the binding method, the printing quantity and the post printing process, so that the printing company can give you a reasonable price. However, besides the printing quantity, there are many other choices. Here is a brief introduction for you.

Album typesetting method: panel specification is the basis of typesetting. Before typesetting of album, it is necessary to make a good face grid to ensure the preciseness and beauty of typesetting. The pictures are all in a unified way, so the album layout is very strict, but the graphics can be cross grid. Strictly follow the rules of typesetting album, more or less there will be problems. If the content is too little, too empty; or too many pictures, dazzling; the layout is difficult to balance. In this case, color blocks can be used to supplement and assist, so that the whole page is more substantial and regular. When album design, hue should run through all pages, adding some auxiliary colors for small embellishment. Let the whole album typesetting effect both professional unity, and rich levels.

The commonly used design software for album printing is illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and InDesign (this software is rarely used by people nowadays).

The file formats commonly used in album printing are JPG, tie, PSD, AI, CDR and PDF.

The size of the album is 280 mm wide and 210 mm high, that is to say, the size of the album is 280 mm × width and height, which is the most common size.

The printing materials of the album include: coated paper, double adhesive paper and matte paper. Some customers have high requirements and use different art paper for printing. According to its thickness, paper can be divided into 105g, 128G, 157G, 200g, 250g, 300g, etc.

The binding methods of picture books are: horse riding, sewing, glue binding, wireless binding and hardcover, etc.

After the printing process of the album: gilding, silver stamping, film covering, concave convex, embossing, UV, air permeability, etc.

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