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Digitalization and Networking: a good medicine to save traditional printing
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In the environment of digitalization and networking in all walks of life, as well as the impact of the rapid rise of smart phones and e-books, how should traditional printing transform to meet the needs of people in the new era? Only the Internet information technology is widely used in the development of printing industry.

As a matter of fact, as early as the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state set two development priorities for the development of printing industry, namely, "digital printing and printing digital engineering" and "green printing". After that, many printing industry giants responded to the call

In 2012, Tiger color printing announced the strategic cooperation with HP group, officially entered the field of digital printing, and vigorously developed "printing" In 2014, Yutong packaging technology officially launched the digital printing project, and quickly established a core team composed of senior personnel in packaging, printing and Internet industry; in 2015, yatus Printing Co., Ltd. carried out the implementation of the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization, and made systematic efforts to transform the company into digital network printing in the future Bedding.

Since then, China's digital printing technology has entered a period of rapid growth. According to the main achievements of the "12th Five Year Plan" period in the "13th five year plan" compiled by the State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television, China's CTP installed capacity exceeded 10000 units, and the number of digital printing machines installed was close to 9000 units.

The transformation and upgrading of traditional printing has been accelerated, new products, new formats and new models have been constantly emerging, the integration of printing and culture, service and other fields has been accelerated, and there are more than 300 printing e-commerce platforms.

So, in such a big environment, how does the traditional printing industry realize digitization and networking?

Crystallization of wisdom of all, digitalization and networking of traditional printing enterprises

At the seminar and demonstration of "digital high quality solutions" held by Zhejiang Yiwu Baode Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Kodak graphic image group in Yiwu in 2006, Mr. Dai Jinong, an engineer of Kodak graphic image, made the following demonstration on the remote transmission of Kodak Yitong software through the pictures collected on site:

Through the Internet, we can enter Baode's yinyitong system, establish a work piece, put the pictures just collected into the template for editing and processing, and generate PDF documents and visual mosaic mode. At the same time, through the screen proofing of yinyitong's quick preview technology, users can know the work progress of editors in real time through the Internet, so that users can put forward their own modification opinions on the graphic and text design situation remotely, and let the editors make design adjustment in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of realizing the customer's design intention. After the final confirmation, the user can place an order through the Internet, Enter the production process.

However, the digitalization and networking of pre press, printing and post printing processes has not yet completed the digital and network transformation of traditional printing in a real sense, just as a computer only updates its hardware, but still uses outdated version of system software.

The digitization and networking of printing can only be applied to specific systems and digital presses. Once other systems and presses are used, the system may be unstable or the digital printer cannot recognize it.

In 2012, Tiger color printing Co., Ltd. and HP group jointly promoted the digitization and networking of printing, and encountered the situation that digital printing machines could not recognize the electronic documents recording the printed information. Therefore, how to standardize the electronic documents as the transmission of information in the process of digitalization and networking of printing has become the number one problem in the transformation from traditional printing to digital and network printing at that time.

Then, in order to solve this problem, as the only Chinese company to join CIP3 international organization, founder of Peking University actively responded to the 28 word printing technology development policy, committed to popularize the international CIP4 standard including the latest standard format JDF documents in China, and finally launched the network printing process of Peking University Founder based on CIP4 standard.

This process not only integrates the printing process into a whole, but also integrates the production content and management information with the software and hardware equipment, and then integrates the whole process from the initial customer signing the contract to the final product delivery into one process.

With the development of digitalization and networking of printing from point to surface, the characteristics of its "digital printing Internet" operation mode are gradually highlighted.

Advantages of "digital printing Internet" taking over traditional printing

Then, let's talk about the advantages of digitalization and networking of printing for traditional printing

Firstly, PDF or JDF electronic documents, as the only medium to transmit information in the process of digitalization and network printing, are much easier to make and edit than those in traditional printing. At the same time, it is more convenient and fast in communication and transmission.

Therefore, based on these documents, the Yachang culture group even established a digital museum, and at the same time established its own large database to help cultural and Museum institutions play the role of cultural communication and social education through the Internet.

Second, the digital printing Internet is more convenient for people to track their desired products. The production of a traditional printed matter needs to go through a variety of technological processes, and the production process is more complex for the pursuit of exquisite printing. For example, Baode color printing before digital networking, traditional printing in the past, customer needs

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